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collaborative camp

piano, violin voice, guitar

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Where Talent Meets Harmony

Dive into Our Advanced Collaborative Music Exclusively for BPS Students!

Step into a musical melting pot designed for late beginner, intermediate, and advanced students eager to explore the collaborative essence of music.


Our camp encourages pianists, vocalists, and string musicians to blend their talents, creating duets and ensembles that are more than the sum of their parts.


This isn't just a camp; it's a creative hub where you can experiment with styles, blend sounds, and co-create musical masterpieces.

There is absolutely nothing like making music TOGETHER! That’s what this camp is all about.


We’re not opening this opportunity up to everyone. It is exclusively for our committed BPS Students . So explore the magic of making music together. 

Here’s What’s Included:


Each day, student’s will be split up by ensembles. Students may participate in multiple ensembles so long as they learn their music beforehand. 


It’s important that students have their part of the ensemble pretty well learned so that it’s easier to put together. 


Each child will still be coached individually and as an ensemble by one of our awesome BPS Instructors to ensure a smooth collaborative process. 


Camp Hours will be from 10:00am-2:00pm.


The deadline to register for this camp is May 30th. This gives us enough time to pair each student and assign their music. 

Here’s a clip of Miss Linda playing with Mrs. Natalie and Mr. Victor. The art of playing together is a totally different skill that every musician should get to be a part of!

Sheet Music

Why is collaborating so important?


Collaborating helps young musicians refine their technique and adaptability by playing with others, enhancing their listening and synchronization skills.

Career Preparation

Early experiences in musical teamwork prepare young musicians for professional environments where collaboration is essential.

Social and Emotional Growth

Making music in a group teaches important interpersonal skills like communication and empathy, and helps musicians develop a deeper understanding of others' emotions.

Enjoyment and Motivation

Playing music together is often more enjoyable and can motivate continued musical engagement and strengthen friendships within the music community.

Confidence Building

Group performances can be less intimidating than solo acts, providing a supportive environment to build confidence and stage presence.

Discipline and Responsibility

Collaborative settings foster discipline and responsibility, as young musicians learn the importance of being dependable and prepared in a group dynamic.



Collaboration can ignite creativity, as musicians exchange ideas and explore new musical possibilities together, leading to innovative expressions and compositions.

BPS Collaborative Camp Dates:
June 24-28

Regular Price: $229

Early Bird Price: $209

Registration closes on May 30th.

*if you’re participating in any other camp, let us know so we can offer you an additional discount.


Mindful Performance Tips

  • What does the daily schedule look like?
    9:00am: Drop Off 9:15am: Yoga & Mindfulness 10:00am: Piano 10:45am: Violin 11:30am: Voice 12:15pm: Lunch 12:45pm: Music Theory/History 1:15pm: Arts & Crafts 1:45pm: Games 2:00pm: Pick Up
  • When is lunch time and what do I bring?
    Lunch time will be at 12:15pm everyday. You’re welcome to bring a packed lunch or drop off their food starting at noon. We strongly encourage you to bring food that does not require warming up so that students can begin eating on time and have a full 30 mins to enjoy their meal.
  • What if I need to drop off early or pick up late?
    You can drop off as early as 8:30am and pick up as late as 2:30pm for an additional $75 per week. This allows us to cover payment for our office staff who will need to arrive earlier and stay later.
  • My child is very shy. Is this still a good fit for them?
    Absolutely! Although the entire camp hosts 30 kids, students will be divided by age into smaller groups so that they are not overwhelmed! We’ve had kids that are very shy and by the end of the week, make new friends and come out of their shell a little more.
  • How is this camp different than other camps?
    The main difference is that our instructors are certified Music Educators. They know what they’re doing. It’s not volunteers teaching. They are paid professionals who are fantastic at what they do. That’s how we’re able to put on a nice polished product at the end of each week.

light snack provided

For ONE week only!

June 24-28

Regular Price: $229

Early Bird Price: $209 

Deposit: $50

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